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Home additions Beaverton
David Green Construction delivers dedicated skill and a client-centered focus on everything we do. We use your ideas as our inspiration, bringing to life your home additions in Beaverton that are as functional as they are based around your personal style and needs. All projects are overseen by David, designated a Master Craftsman by the State of Oregon. The high standard of quality he upholds is ingrained throughout every aspect of our work, from the design, to gaining permits, to creating an accurate budget and schedule.

Our skilled team of hand-picked contractors can create anything from a second level to your home to a new room or closet. Thinking of investing in you home by adding on a rental space? Talk to us. We can help you decide if the project you have in mind is on target for the budget you want to spend.

Quality Home Additions in Beaverton

Each home addition is unique. Every space comes with its own challenges and limitations based on the current construction, the amount of space available, and the budget—to name a few. It takes an experienced contractor to put accurate numbers on a project. In fact, that is one of the reasons contractors have such a bad reputation for not being able to stay on budget. With more than 40 years as a business owner of this construction company, and having worked alongside his father since he was 15, David Green is able to create a budget for your home addition that can be trusted for its accuracy.

Home additions BeavertonOur hundreds of happy customers are pleased with their entire experience with us, from the friendly, open communication, to the on-time, on-budget accuracy of the project, and, of course, the finished project that matches their vision. Ask us for references, we are happy to supply them (with the client’s permission). Our customers are so pleased with the home additions we build that we do not have a single complaint lodged with the Builder’s Board.

Talk to us about the home addition you have in mind. We offer a free quote based on detailed information, not a guess in the dark!

We also provide remodeling services to the Greater Portland Metro:
Serving Portland, Hillsboro, Aloha and all other cities.

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I’ve used him twice, and

I’ve used him twice, and been please with results twice.

Judi Goldstein